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The equipment of the NanoSat Lab


The NanoSat Lab Cleanroom is an ISO 7 cleanroom with 26 m2 located inside the NanoSat Lab and build specifically to integrate and test CubeSats and nanosatellites. The construction of the Cleanroom was finished in July 2018. Among sevel CubeSat AIT equipment and tools, we can find a Shake table and a TVAC chamber.


Shake Table

The shake table is used to conduct qualification and acceptance vibration tests in all three axes to ensure that the satellite can withstand the vibrations induced by the rocket during the launch and to guarantee that the satellite hasn’t any undesired vibration mode. In the shake table acceleration, sweeps and resonance surveys, and random vibration tests are performed onto the satellite while the shock test is normally analyzed via computer simulation.

TVAC and Space Simulator

The Space Simulator, conformed by a Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) and a Sun Simulator is used to simulate the vacuum and thermal conditions that the satellites suffer during their time in orbit. The TVAC is a cylindrical chamber connected to a vacuum pump that reaches 10-7 mbar to simulate, as close as possible, the vacuum of outer space. Additionally, the TVAC includes a set of infrared lights and a liquid nitrogen system that allow to simulate specific thermal conditions up to -196 ºC. The sun simulator is based on a 4 kW Xenon lamp able to generate a light beam with a spectral density power similar to that of the Sun. The sun simulator, when pointed towards the TVAC, simulates the Sun’s radiated power and allows to test the satellite thermal behavior.