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Folder to store all the images (e.g. our pictures)
CubeCat-1 cleanroom
The CubeCat-1 nano-satellite in the cleanroom
CubeCat-2 cleanroom
The CubeCat-2 nano-satellite in the cleanroom
CubeCat-3 artist view
Render of the 3Cat-3 / MOTS
NanoSat Lab Panorama
Panorama NanoSat Lab with logo and drop shadow
CubeCat-2 render
CAD model
Profile pictures
Pictures for the members' profile section
Render ABS elements
The ABS unit, CAD render
Shake table
NanoSat Lab's vibration table
Thermal Vacuum Chamber
ADCS simulator
Heltmotlz coils and air bearing platform
NanoSat Lab design activities
Modular PCB's
NanoSat Lab manufacturing activities
Subsystem manufacturing, test and space qualification activities
³Cat-1 final integration
³Cat-1 final integration of PV panels in launch provider's clean-room
Ground Station Diagram
VHF RX chain diagram for 3Cat-2
CubeCat-4 artist view
Artist rendition of CubeCat-4, with deployable antenna
3Cat-4 satellite
Exploited view of the 3Cat-4 satellite
FSSCat FMPL-2 operations
Representation of the FMPL-2 operations
FSSCat FMPL-2 boards
Image with all the boards that compose the FMPL-2
FSSCat FMPL-2 view
View of the FMPL-2 integrated
FSSCat FSSExp operations