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Visiting students

Students from other universities and schools

Previous visiting students

  • Louise Salamy (2019, Yncréa ISEN Brest School)
    Research on mega-constellation topology dynamics
  • James Cassell (2017, Cornell University)
    Developer for the Distributed Satellite System simulator project.
  • Corinne Kenwood (2017, Cornell University)
    3Cat-4's mechanical and thermal analysis.
  • Sophia Yan (2016, Cornell University)
    Arduino hardware for the Android Beyond the Stratosphere project.
  • Manuel Martínez (2016, Cornell University)
    Research on antenna deployables for 3Cat missions.
  • Jason Flahie (2015, Cornell University)
    Structural and thermal analysis for the 3Cat-1 nano-satellite. Testing and validation of subsystems and qualification procedures.
  • Anjit Fageira (2015, Cornell University)
    Collision avoidance algorithms for nano-satellite constellations based on image recognition.
  • Peter Ericksen (2015, Cornell University)
    Attitude simulator for the 3Cat-2.