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Clean Room

The NanoSat Lab clean room is an ISO 8 clean room with 26 m2 located within the NanoSat Lab and is built specifically to integrate and test CubeSats and nanosatellites of up to 6U. The clean room is operative since July 2018 and was built and certified by Fredvic. It is equipped with several CubeSat AIT tools and instruments. In addition, the Vibration Table and the TVAC chamber are installed within the clean room to provide a full and clean integration and testing environment.

A window is installed in the clean room that facilitates the monitoring and control of the different operations from outside the room. Moreover, a pass-through panel is installed in room's wall that provides different electrical interfaces with devices located outside the cleanroom (e.g. instrumentation, additional power supplies, signal generators, prototypes, etc). The panel includes multiple digital data buses (including Ethernet and USB, among others) as well as standard power supply connectors.

NanoSat Lab's ISO 7 Cleanroom facilities

The clean room is preceded by a Sterile Access System (SAS) in which the operator/technician has to dress himself properly. The SAS is equipped with a set of sterilized suits, gloves, shoes bags, and hair/beard covers.

Manufacturer Fredvic
Cleanness Level 2930–29300 particles ≥ 0.5 μm
(ISO 7 equivalent)
Certification ISO 8
Surface 26 m²
Qualification equipment Vibration Table
TVAC chamber
Other equipment Integration tools
1 ch. multimeter
30W power supply

NanoSat Lab's ISO 7 Cleanroom facilities