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Ground Segment

Ground Station night shot OAdM

Image credit: Kike Herrero (IEEC)

A critical part of every space mission lies in the ability of the ground segment to contact the satellite to transmit telecommands and to receive the scientific yield and/or telemetry data the system has acquired. The NanoSat Lab currently operates an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) / Very High Frequency (VHF) Ground Station (GS), and an S-Band Ground Station in the Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec (OAdM), owned and operated by IEEC.

Simple map with ground segment locations

The NanoSat Lab Montsec Ground Station is equipped with TX/RX Yagi antennas for Amateur Band VHF/UHF (144-145 MHz / 435-438 MHz frequencies), and S-Band RX at the commercial band (2200-2290 MHz) with a 3-meter dish. All antennas are controlled by an automated software in charge of scheduling and data retrieval through an optical fiber connection to our Barcelona Operation Center. A REST API is used to interface with the Operation Center to request passes or download retrieved data.

GS Cam UHF button

GS Cam S-Band button

GS Weather button

UHF Band (TX/RX)

435-438 MHz

VHF G/T -16 dB
VHF Band (TX/RX)
144-145 MHz
UHF G/T -14 dB
S-Band (RX)
2200-2290 MHz
S-Band G/T 9 dB
Satellite Tracking