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Helmholtz Coil System

3-dimensional Helmholtz coil system to generate custom magnetic fields

The Helmholtz Coil System is a set of six copper coils that, through the control of their electrical current, generate a constant magnetic field. This system includes a load surface with an air-bearing interface that fastens the subsystems/devices under test. The equipment is used during testing and calibration activities for various subsystems and devices of a spacecraft's attitude control system.

Helmholtz Coil system test in darkness using the Sun simulator to test sun sensor and ADCS system

Helmholtz Coil system

Credits: Nanoavionics




Manufacturer Serviciencia S.L.
Dimensions 1.42 m × 1.26 m × 1.31 m
Air bearing platform surface 0.125 m2
Generated field 1.51 μT/A
Max. intensity 800 μT
Max. current 4.0 A @ DC
Orthogonality error 0.2 °