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Thermal and Vacuum Chamber (TVAC)

The laboratory is equipped with a Thermal and Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) that emulates the outer space conditions. This facility is mainly used to perform the environmental campaign in CubeSat missions. The facility is located within an ISO Class 8 clean room and it has a heating system based on three infrared lamps and a cooling system based on liquid nitrogen. The entire facility is operated through a centralized computer that controls the temperature and vacuum levels depending on a target reference.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber at the NanoSat Lab's ISO 7 Cleanroom facilities

The facility has been largely used in different missions to conduct qualification and acceptance environmental tests to ensure that the satellite can withstand the thermal and pressure conditions found in outer space.

Manufacturer Trinos Vacuum Projects
Chamber Horizontal Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber
Chamber Dimensions

50 cm (DIA) × 52 cm (L)

250 liters of capacity

Chamber Material AISI-304L Stainless Steel
Vacuum Rating

10-5 mbar @ 25 ºC

10-8 mbar @ -196 ºC

Temperature Range
From -196 ºC to +300 ºC

Technical Documentation