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Project Overview

Global overview and introduction of the project.

This project aims at receiving images that are generated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites. These satellites are constantly orbiting around the Earth, and they generate large amount of information which is used to predict weather conditions. This information is transmitted periodically by the satellites, and they use an open interface which allows its reception by everybody. Due to this characteristic, we have conducted an academic project with the goal to be reproduced in other academic entities, such as schools, high schools, and universities.

Project resources

Additional documents have been composed to complement the information that you can find in this website. The following list presents these documents:

  • A presentation of the project has been conducted during the III workshop of STEM at the Space. This workshop is oriented to bring space activities to schools and other academic entities. This presentation is currently composed in Catalan. You can also download the pdf using this link.
  • A repository that includes additional information about the different software to be installed, and the corresponding user manuals. This repository is currently composed in Catalan.